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When Don Morgan`s son suggested he come out of retirement to volunteer with charitable organisations, he created a wave of change that impacted upon hundreds of people. A few months later, the seventy year old British businessman found himself immersed in the vibrant sights, sounds, foods and the historical culture of Salvador, Brazil.

There, he taught English to young students who needed the language skills to find jobs in the hotel and travel industry. He helped in several charitable organisations, and provided care for small children. He made a difference!

Based upon the diaries he kept during two volunteer experiences, this moving book details his work in words and 39 wonderful colour photographs. It’s inspirational and a motivation to those looking for an unusual way to make a difference in the world - and in themselves. There is a growing need for more volunteers who could share their skills and experiences by volunteering to work in community led projects, through international volunteer organisations. People of all ages with a variety of skills and experiences can help in communities with critical social needs.

You`re never too old to volunteer and make a difference

A truly inspirational account of the power of international volunteering - Linda Anger

This book makes you feel anything is possible. One can hear the voice of the real author speaking to
you through the words
Däna Roberts

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 View the vibrant photographs of the placements, culture and environments in

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Book details: EBook, Kindle Edition  -  130 pages  -  39 colour illustrations.  Available in MOBI, EPUB and PDF formats