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Don Morgan`s business background is the field of Graphic Arts where he rose from a compositor in the printing trade to a Director and owner of a number of an International Marketing companies. He developed world wide export markets for loose leaf products, video packaging and character children`s IT products.


In travelling widely throughout Europe and other parts of the world, both on business and pleasure, Don has developed in a deep interest for other cultures. He has witnessed at first hand the deprivation and social needs of many communities where poverty is rife. In his new role in enjoying an `alternative life style` (he hates the word retirement), Don decided to make use of his life`s experience in business by volunteering overseas to help those who  require some education in English to help them secure jobs. He wanted to make a difference. He therefore volunteered for 10 weeks in Salvador, Brazil in 2008, and a further 6 weeks there in 2011, teaching young adults and caring for pre-school children.  His wonderful cultural, humbling and rewarding experiences  are the subject of his first Book: “VOLUNTEERING in BRAZIL, You can take the leap”.


Don has been able him to use his photographic skills extensively resulting in thirty nine vibrant colour images throughout the book that illustrates the students, the children, the culture and the surrounding environment.

Don`s stunning photography, as illustrated in the book, can be summed up by
By Eric Lees, Professional Landscape Photographer

 Don Morgan’s love of photography goes back many years and his interest in subject matter is extremely varied including Landscapes, Natural History, Wild Life, Plants and Flowers, Don has travelled widely throughout Europe and other parts of the World both on business and pleasure. This has enabled him to pursue his hobby extensively resulting in a stunning collection of beautiful and vibrant images from well known locations, mainly from Europe but including destinations further a field.

Some of Don`s photography can be viewed at: